Caldera Two
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Caldera-2 Colony Features, 2013 Mar 27Edit

Our Scouts have uncovered the ruins of an abandoned Cerulean Base located in a previously unknown Barren Landscape on Cerulea IV.  Many Craters dot the landscape, but evidence suggests that these were not from celestial impact but from localized explosives.

What was so important that the Celureans[sic] destroyed these structures on their way out?

No better way to find out then[sic] to claim this Outpost for our own!  Simply obtain the Caldera-2 schematic, then you can begin construction in this new location!

—Edgeworld, Mail

This base is similar to the Aurora-1 Colony, featuring a third Command Center and additional place to build resources and defenses. The newly released Battle Cruiser is available to train at Caldera-2.

Caldera 2 will provide a bonus to Force gains, which will give you a strong advantage in the current Force Tournament. On top of that, you'll be ready for Caldera 2's upcoming features.

One of these features is the Turret Control building.

How to get the Caldera-2Edit

640px-Zoot's Loot Caldera-2 Schematic

Until March 31, 2013, the only known way to get the Caldera-2 Colony is to win a Caldera-2 Schematic is to win it through the Zoot's Wheel Game. The FAQ states there will be other ways to gain it later on.

Buy Platinum, get Caldera-2!, 2013 Apr 1Edit

Still haven't expanded to Caldera-2 and increased your influence throughout your Sector? Here's your next chance to acquire this latest outpost!

Simply buy the 1000 Platinum Package or greater, and you'll qualify to receive the Caldera-2 Schematics for FREE!

Make sure to make your purchase before 12:00pm Noon PDT tomorrow on April 2nd to qualify. All schematics will be paid out following the conclusion of the event.

—Edgeworld, Mail


  • Currently, destroying a C-2 colony does not give SP to the attacker.
  • To get a "Victory" battle report, every building present on C2 colony must be destroyed. Destroying the CC and retreating with structures still present gives a "Withdraw" battle report.
  • Due to an unknown bug is reported that is possible to build a shield generator building in C2

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