Black Market Mystery Box, 2013 Mar 19; Apr 28; May 23; Aug 10; Sep 4 9:00 (1d); Sep 17 12:00 (1d); Oct 12 0:00 (1d10h)Edit


With the release [sic] level 16 Engineering Lab Parts, your turrets and defenses have never been stronger! Leveling up to Level 16 can be done naturally through the Engineering Lab, but if you need any help then look no further then[sic] the Black Market Patch Mystery Box! This new Patch will guarantee an upgrade from Level 15 - 16, and can only be found inside this box!

Open one of these to take home this exclusive item, but that's not all!

This box can also contain Hacker's Patches to help get your lab parts up to level 15, Decimators, and other troop bundles that all will provide XP when opened!

This box will only be available for a Limited Time so don't miss out! Visit the featured tab of the store and get yours today!

—Edgeworld, Mail; Oct 12 Daily Update

Black Market Patch Box!, 2013 Oct 1 22:00 (1d)Edit

We’ve TRIPLED the chance of winning a Black Market Patch in this new and improved box!

Upgrade your Engineering Lab Parts to Levels 16 and 17 with the Black Market Patch!

Use this Patch to guarantee your Part Upgrades after Level 15 and unleash the true power of your Parts and Turrets!

Open this box for an increased chance to win a Black Market Patch. Other prizes include Hacker’s Patches and Troop Bundles!

This box will only be available for a limited time, so check out the featured tab to pick some up!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Mystery Box Mania!!!, 2013 Nov 12 14:00 (1d)Edit

Check out the Featured Tab all day long for SHOCKING Sales on Mystery Boxes!

—Edgeworld, Daily Udate

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