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Aurora-1 Schematic (Platinum 300 13)
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General informationEdit

The Aurora-1 Schematic is vital to the successful construction of your first colony on Cerulea IV

It can be bought at Store, won at Zoot's Loot or by destroying the Command Center of Maar bases.

It cannot be removed from your Inventory. Having a second Aurora-1 Schematic will not do you any good and it cannot give you a second Aurora-1 base.

It will create your Aurora-1 base with:

  • Command Center Level 1
  • Warp Gate Level 1
  • Crystal Mine Level 1
  • Gas Refinery Level 1


  Item Platinum
Aurora-1 Gold Kit (crate)* Platinum 660
Aurora-1 Silver Kit (crate)* Platinum 480
Aurora-1 Bronze Kit (crate)* Platinum 410
Aurora-1 Schematic Platinum 300,
sale Platinum 99

*These crates contain many other items which are not listed.


To earn one from Maar, the base's level must be between one third of your level and your own level. (E.g. a level-300 player can attack Maar 100, 150, 200, 250.) The statistic hasn't been made public by Kabam, but it has been determined by careful player testing that the number of attacks required for a schematic drop is 377.  

Note: Number of successful attacks add up. This means that successfully defeating 377 L1500 Maars or 200 L1500 Maars and 177 L2000 Maars will give you a schematic. (note: Level of Maar bases is just an example. You must calculate proper levels based on your own level.) A successful attack must destroy the command center. You do not have to destroy the whole base every time.

READ THIS BEFORE ASKING IN COMMENTS. Absolutely nothing will reset/modify negatively the counter. Changing targets due to level up, failing an attack (as in: not destroying the CC, though the attack itself will not count), attacking anything else while racking up successful attacks, not playing for months, starting a new player, changing name, leaving an alliance, creating an alliance, will not reset/reduce the counter. (NOTE: This is not completely true. If your sector is merged with another sector(s), then your feuds list will be wiped clean, including any history of attacks against the factions. A sector merge DOES reset the counter.)



Aurora-1 Sale!, 2013 Jun 19 17:00 (1d)Edit

Banner images aurora1 secondgate

For a limited time only, the Aurora-1 Colony is on sale in the Edgeworld Store!

The Aurora-1 Schematic is on sale for 99 Platinum, over 65% off the normal price!

Expanding your base into the Aurora-1 Colony helps strengthen your defenses and supports the fight for dominance over Cerulea IV. With additional Training queues and Warp Gates as well as an exclusive Bomba Unit, Aurora-1 is an essential expansion for every Commander.

Make sure to check the featured tab of the store and get yours today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

CORRECTION:Aurora-1 Colony Sale!, 2013 Aug 2 (1d)Edit


The Aurora-1 Schematic is on sale for 49 Platinum, over 80% off the normal price!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Aurora-1 Colony Sale!, 2013 Aug 23 9:00 (1d); Aug 26 10:00 (23h)Edit

The Aurora-1 Schematic is on sale for 49 Platinum, over 80% off the normal price!

2014 Feb 13 12:00 (1d)Edit

Platinum 13

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