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Aurora - 1


An early Aurora-1 base


KIRA, in Aurora-1

"Aurora One will be the staging area for many new features coming soon to Edgeworld , such as colony exclusive troops such as the Bomba , new advanced buildings including Shield Generators , and many more!"

"KIRA has a new look for Aurora-1! She’s the same A.I. you know and love, with an updated look for the harsh cold of Aurora-1. Build your colony to unlock this new version of KIRA!"


The base is located in the frozen wastelands of Cerulea IV. To create this colony, released 2012 Jan 23, you will need Aurora-1 Schematic.

There are currently two features only available with an Aurora-1 base, the Bomba combat unit and the Shield Generator, but Kabam have hinted at more features to be released in the future.


Initially there was some criticism of the cost of Aurora-1, in that the cheapest platinum package you could purchase it with was the 400 (plus the extra 25) Platinum which costs $50 USD. As this is the price of a full retail game, many people stated on the forums that this was much more than they were prepared to pay for an in-game item for a web based game. At times all Kits and Schematic are on sale for 65% off.


Snapshot 2012-07-28 135304

Another Aurora-1 base

Aurora One

Aurora-1 grounds

This base includes a new Warp Gate; initially only combat units manufactured/trained at Aurora-1 could be sent from Aurora-1 but later units could be transfered with the Gate having a new Transfer option added. Later another Gate was granted. The Engineering Lab and Fleet Academy were granted on 2012 Sep 25.

All Research (except for Bombas, which requires a Tech Lab on your A1) is still done from the Main Base, and your researched Units can be built on both Bases (except for Bombas which can only be built on your A1). If you want Bombas on your Main Base you must transfer them using the A1's Warp Gate (or Staging Areas, with the size of transfer still limited by the capability of your A1 Warps gates). Any Fleet Academy Troops will require a Fleet Academy on your A1 in order to build those Troops on your A1, again you can transfer A1  Fleet Academy Troops from your A1 to your Main Base if you wish by clicking on your A1's Warp Gate or Staging Areas.

Resources can now be shared between the two base by clicking a Supply Depot and selecting Transfer Resources.

Combat boosts, Troop Energizers, Combat Tactics etc. will apply only to the base where you used it; if you were at Aurora-1 it is only for Aurora-1 units and vice-versa.

Kabam also informed that Aurora-1 is being used as a proving ground for new features.


How to Get an Aurora-1 SchematicEdit

Here's what you need to do to get you Aurora-1 Colony started:

  • Only attack the Maar bases that are PvE Faction bases, these are the ones you fight from the combat button. (Not bases found on the map, they do not count.)
  • You need to attack ones that are above 1/3 of your level but not above your level; e.g., if you are level 1000 the lowest you can attack is level 350. When the battle ends, if it says "Defender’s level too low. No Valuable items found," this will affect the drop of the schematics, the attack does not count. Also remember you won’t actually loot anything until you win the Aurora-1 Schematic.
  • To get the Aurora-1 Schematic you need to be victorious in attacking exactly 377 bases; a victory is described as the destruction of the Command Center.
  • However, failing an attack doesn't reset the attack counter. For example, if you attacked 200 Maer bases with victory and than fail on an attack, the number of attacks needed doesn't go back to one. You still need 177 more attacks to get the schematic.
The only other options are
  1. Purchase one from the shop using platinum;
  2. Get really lucky on Zoot’s Loot.

Completing this early in the game will make it easier to level up because you can produce twice as many troops and attack with another two warp gates.

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