Anagram Box (Platinum 150 49)

General informationEdit

Open this box for a chance to win the Edge Circuit Token!

Other possible prizes include: Emerald Armor, Emerald Fireproof Shield and Emerald Blast Shield! IncendiaryRack, 8 Hour Accelerator, 15 Hour Accelerator, Rebellion Patch, 20x Decimator Platoon, 10x Battlecruiser Squad, 20x Sentinel Squad or 20x Incineraptor Swarm.


Item Times Chance
20 Sentinel Squads 4 %
3 8-Hour Accelerators 2 %
10 Battle Cruiser Squads 2 %
Rebellion Patch 2 %
Incendiary Rack 1 %
20 Incineraptor Swarms 1 %
20 Decimator Platoons 1 %
2 15-Hour Accelerators 1 %
L1 Emerald Blast Shield 1 %
Total 100%


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