Advanced Weapons Crate (Platinum 50)

General informationEdit

Open this special mystery box for a chance to win a variety of double-effect equipment of various levels!


Item Times Chance
L10 Basic Armor ·%
Total 1 100%


New Advanced Weapons Mystery Crate - Limited Time!, 2012 Oct 22?Edit

The New Advanced Weapons Mystery Crate contains some of the most powerful basic and premium Engineering Lab Parts such as Hyper Armor, Reinforced Explosive Ammo, and Frozen Dual Barrels! The Engineering Lab part "Frozen Dual Barrels" will allow any equipped turret to target and concuss multiple troops with each shot fired! The Advanced Weapons Mystery Crate can be purchased for 50 Platinum and will only be available for a LIMITED TIME, so make sure to visit the featured tab of the store to get yours today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

New Parts Mystery Crates Available!, 2012 Oct 26?Edit

Haven't had a chance to check out one of the new 3 Mystery Crates yet? They are only available for a Limited Time so don't delay! The New Gatling, Stasis, and Advanced Weapons Mystery Crates can yield premium and powerful Engineering Lab Equipment that can multi-target and even concuss enemy troops with each shot! Items like Hyper Liquid Coolants, Reinforced Explosive Ammo, and Frozen Dual Barrels are all possibilities and can be yours, but only if you act fast! These 3 Mystery Crates will only be available until 12:00pm PST (Noon) on October 29th, so make sure to get yours today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

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