5.0h Yeah! Crate (Platinum 500)

General informationEdit

Zoot's Loot Riot Chase Prize!

Armor Token 4.0 or NEW 5.0!
Piercing Ammo Token 4.0 or NEW 5.0!
Explosive Ammo Token 4.0 or NEW 5.0!
or NEW Top Token Crate!


Zoot's Loot Riot has begun!, 2014 Feb 7Edit


Win from an assortment of Enhancement Tokens and the *Top Prize* during our NEW "Zoot's Loot Riot" Event!

Check out the Featured Tab of the Store to see a preview of the Premium Prizes we've included in Zoot's Loot!

  • TOP PRIZE*: 5.0h Yeah Crate: One of the only ways to obtain the NEW Token 5.0s!

NOTE: Premium Items will only be in Zoot's Loot for a Limited Time - take advantage while you can!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

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